St. Mary’s Preschool are taking part in a project for Halloween due to be staged before they break up for the mid-term holiday.  Songs and poems, movement and giant pumpkin are all part of the show. Preparations will also involve a short film which will premier on the day. Deathly decorations made by the children are going to spice up the room and terrifying treats will be served to the audience of parents.


Crafty ideas for preschoolers – Spider Webs

Really easy to make, these webs can be created by the smallest of hands. They introduce scissor work but only snipping is necessary instead of all that difficult cutting out:

First paint a paper plate black and leave to dry

Using a safety scissors, children cut snips around the edges of the plate

Using white or grey wool, the children create a web.


Puppet-style Ghosts

Really cost effective, these ghosts only use tissue, a pipe-cleaner (string or elastic bands could be used with help from adults) and sticky eyes or even markers.

They can be hung like mobiles for your Halloween event and given to the children to take home afterwards.


Pumpkin Thumbprints

This is very tactile and an excellent sensory activity (if a little messy!)

Children can use their thumbs and orange paint to make lots of pumpkin shapes and once dry, they can add curly vines and leaves with markers (and a little help).  Adults could draw the shapes in pencil for the children to trace over.  If this is done on a large sheet of paper or card, it could be used as a background for a photo display.

We are also going to make a giant free-standing pumpkin which the children will hide behind during one of their songs.

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