St. Joseph’s performed their blacklight piece on 26th May 2009 to a packed house and massive reaction.


The excerpt from Seussical called “Alone in the Universe”, is where Horton is feeling lost and lonely… but out of the quiet comes another lost and lonely soul and a friendship is born. the piece was chosen as it is particularly poignant. Horton and Jojo both call for people to listen and believe in them and express a need to be listened to.

“Not a person seems to know not a person seems to care

There is no one who believes a thing I say

Well, I’m fairly certain at one time or other

Great thinkers all feel this way”

Social Inclusion Project

Back in November 2009, St. Joseph’s Activation Centre supported Ardscoil Mhuire, Ballinasloe in their production of Seussical the Musical. St. Joseph’s was a hive of activity for a number of weeks making props for the show.

Following this some of the girls from Ardscoil Mhuire  returned the compliment in May 2009 by supporting St. Joseph’s in their debut live performance of “Alone in the Universe” – an act in the successful variety show organized by the Brothers of Charity Services. The piece was particularly challenging for the service-users as complete darkness was needed to create the effect of fluorescent planets appearing behind the soloists. All rose to the challenge and friends of the participants expressed great pride in their achievements.

Audience Participation

Before the show, audience members where given stars.  The MC reminded them during his intro to our performance and mid-song, the audience helped to create the “universe” effect by waving their stars all through the auditorium.  Not only did this look fantastic, but it served as a way of letting the people on-stage know that the audience was with them.

Well done to St. Joseph’s for their huge success in presenting a really professional piece of theatre and thank you to all the girls who gave of their time so willingly.

Film Project

As this was such a massive undertaking, each part of the process was documented in a film “A Live Performance Requires…” This was premiered along with Fahy Activation Centre’s “How to Get a Lady” and Creagh Training Centre’s “King Midas and the Golden Touch” on 11th June 2009.


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